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Password generator l Need a Unique, Secure Password?

password generator, Use Body-calculator to create, save, and automatically fill passwords on all of your devices.

It is difficult for people to create passwords that have each of these properties, much alone both. To help you build strong, memorable passwords, we developed the Strong Password Generator. Given that bad or similar passwords cause for 81percent in terms of total data breaches, using random, one-of-a-kind passwords is your best line of defence towards online assaults.

Why does a password need to be unique and why to use password generator?

Using a single password both in your bank account login and your email account makes you more vulnerable since an attacker just needs one password to gain access to both accounts.

If you use the same password for 14 separate accounts, you make it extremely easy for an attacker to steal your data. You can protect yourself by using a password generator to produce unique, easy-to-remember passwords.

Why must my password be unpredictable?

Random passwords are challenging to decipher by computer programmes and difficult to guess. If there is a discernible pattern, the risk of an attacker using a brute force attempt to get access to your account grows dramatically.

Unconnected characters may be thrown together to create random passwords, but mixing unrelated words also works. In this manner, the Strong Password Generator generates passwords that are both simple to remember and secure in terms of cryptography.

The Strong Password Generator

It may appear tough to establish a distinct, unique password each time you sign up for a new account, and it is. We designed the Strong Password Generator to assist you in creating safe passwords. Furthermore, remembering all of those passwords when you need them may be difficult.

Furthermore, remembering all of those passwords when you need them may be difficult. We created a password generator for this reason. A password management tool called password generator can quickly create safe passwords on practically any device. When you need to log into a website, the password generator will automatically fill in the essential information. All of the strong, random passwords produced by the built-in password generator are now unlocked by a single secure password that you only need to remember once.

I must create a strong but remember password. Any advice?

The ideal approach to create passwords that are both secure and simple to remember is using a random password generator. To be secure online, keep these tips in mind if you don't have access to the Strong Password Generator tool.

Your mother's first name?

Never include any personally identifying data in your login credentials or other password-related places. The amount of information that can be found online might surprise you.

You know those You realize those main security questions your bank requires you to answer before you can log in? Do not reply to them. Instead, use the Strong Password Generator to generate unique, random replies to those questions. You're set to go after you save the solutions in your Vault in the same way that you would a standard password.

Ideal random escapee mount

A password generator is the best approach to create a genuinely random password since randomization is a crucial component of password strength. If you need a password that is both random and memorable, simply select "Memorable Password" in the password generator. Instead of a random character set, you will be given a string of four easy-to-remember words.

Normal password:

Try to make your password at least 16 characters long if you can.Increasing the length of a password rather than utilising special characters can considerably strengthen it. A 12-character password with only letters, for example, is only eight times more difficult to crack than one with only numbers.

A password with only 16 letters, on the other hand, is eight million times more challenging to break than one with 12 characters.


It is also unnecessary to utilise a certain order of numerals, capital letters, lowercase letters, and symbols. If you do this, the password will not necessarily get stronger. The fact that the words were picked at random is more important. However, because certain sites have character limits, the random password generator provides options to meet those requirements. This is done not to produce a better password, but to make it easier for you to construct a working password.

Unique password:

Complex password, on the other hand, are only one part of account security. You may improve security by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). In addition to your login and password, this requires an extra form of authentication, typically in the form of a time-limited code. Our password manager may act as a third-party authenticator programme by storing and transferring these codes, defeating any attacker who just has access to your login and password.

How can your passwords be secured?

There is a genuine problem with password fatigue, but you shouldn't allow that stop you from implementing some simple modifications to safeguard your money, accounts, and identity. Here are quick things you can do right now:

Do not reuse passwords.

Yavor once acquired access to 20,000 corporate accounts in less than an hour by just entering the default password the accounts came with, he said, while working as a penetration tester for businesses, helping them uncover and remove avenues hackers may use to sneak in.

If you just do one thing to safeguard your accounts, make it the following: Reset any settings and retire your old "qwerty" password.

Reusing passwords on several accounts reduces the security of all of them. For instance, if your Netflix and Chase Mobile passwords are the same, a Netflix data breach might put your bank account in danger.

Examine your passwords to see if any have been compromised.

An exposed password can be the motivation you need to improve your password hygiene.

If one of your stored passwords is involved in a breach, Apple tells you. Change any passwords that put you at risk on an iPhone by going to Settings -> Passwords -> Security Recommendations. Visit passwords.google.com to view the passwords you've given Google permission to store. Check your passwords by going to Password Checkup. (Note: I would suggest using an alternative form of password storage because it's simple to leave oneself hooked into Google on someone else's computer.)

Password managers, which are programmes that create, store, and automatically fill in one-of-a-kind, difficult-to-guess passwords, may also notify you when a password has been hacked. In relation to password managers...

Configure two-factor authentication

Before being granted access to an account, a person must prove their identity in two separate ways using two-factor authentication. By turning on two-factor authentication, you stop hackers from entering if they just have access to your login and password.

In the past, two-factor authentication required a text message with a numerical number to enter that was sent to your phone. Knowing the code indicates that you have your phone, which gives the app or website confidence that you are who you say you are.

What is the mechanism of the password generator?

Based on the criteria you specify, the Body-calculator password generator generates random passwords. The parameters include the length of the password, whether it should be simple to pronounce or read, and if it should contain capital letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and symbols.

The password you generate is verified against the zxcvbn library, a standard in assessing password security, to evaluate how strong it is after being produced based on the user's information.

Can someone crack a secure password?

A strong password can theoretically be cracked, but it would take an incomprehensibly long time to do so. According to a recent study, it would take just 25 seconds to crack a 12-character password that contained just digits. In contrast, it would take 34,000 years to crack a password with 12 characters and a mixture of numbers, capital and lowercase letters, and symbols. Therefore, a secure password is impenetrable during your lifetime. The infographic has further information.

With a password manager, how do you manage your passwords?

The Body-calculator password organizer makes managing passwords easy. Every time you save a password to your Body-calculator account, it is kept encrypted in your password vault, which is only accessible by you. You can easily manage your passwords by going to your password vault and looking for the necessary credentials. Additionally, while using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can easily save and have passwords autofilled thanks to the Body-calculator browser extension and app.

Password generator security

Yes. Based on the criteria you specify, the password generator generates secure, random passwords. In order to assess how secure a password is, it is checked against the industry-standard zxcvbn library.

Last but not least, the password you create is automatically encrypted and saved in your password vault so that only you can access and read it.

Can I make a user name using the password generator?

To make a safe username, you should use the username generating tool. It guarantees that you will receive a username that is entirely random and made up of capital and lowercase characters.