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BMI formula

- English BMI Formula (Imperial)

BMI = (Weight in Pounds / (Height in inches x Height in inches)) x 703

- Metric BMI Formula

BMI = (Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Meters x Height in Meters))

BMI Chart

bmi chart
BMI Calculator For Women

The body mass of women is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms by the height square in meters.

For example, If a woman weighs 68 kg and is 165 cm long, the mass is calculated as follows:Body mass = weight in kg/length in units of square meters. 68/(1.65)2 = 24.98 and it's a perfect weight, but it is on the edge of weight gain.

BMI Calculator For men

The Measurement of mass is not different for men and women. The difference in fat for both men and women is that if they are similar in mass, the percentage of fat is not equal, but women are more likely to have fat mass.

BMI calculator for children

It is one of the most important assessments used to determine whether children are obese, and also helps to determine the child's growth rate and slow growth.

It is calculated in the same way as BMI in adults. Perfect weight criteria differ between adults and children.