Percentage Calculator


Percentage Calculator

What is p% of x?

R = p * x

x is what percent of y?

R = x * 100


x is p% of what?

R = x * 100

What is x increased /decreased by p%?

R =  X * 100 ± p


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Learn About Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator

An online percentage calculator is a tool that allows you to compute percentages and percent values. Simply put, this percent calculator employs simple formulas to calculate percentages and unknown percent values in equations. This % calculator also allows you to add or subtract a percentage from a given amount, as well as solve equations.

In this post, we will explain how to calculate % using a calculator or manually for any equation, the formula for percent, and much more that will help you discover percentage of whatever you want! But first, let's define math percentage.

What is The Percentage In Mathematics?

In mathematics, a percentage is defined as a quantity or ratio that represents a fraction of 100. It is commonly denoted by the symbol "%" or, less commonly, as "percent" and "pct." For example, when computing percentages, 35% is comparable to the decimal 0.35 and is written as 35 / 100 in fraction form.

You may also use this free calculator-online tool to convert right or improper fractions and mixed numbers to percentages.

Percent vs. Percentage:

Whenever the term % appears, it is generally used in conjunction with a number. Take, for example, 50%. However, the word % is rarely used in conjunction with a number. For example, how much of the color box is red?

Percentage Formula:

Though the % formula can be written in a variety of ways, it is essentially an algebraic equation using the three numbers shown below.

  • V1=V2 P (percentage)
  • P denotes the percentage, and V1 is the first number that the percentage will change.
  • V2 is the result of the % that is operating on V1.

The % increase calculator turns the supplied input percentage into a decimal value in order to get the optimal option. However, if someone answers percentage questions, the resultant figure will be the real %. It will not provide you a decimal representation.


P× 20 = 2.5 \sP = 2.5 / 20 = 0.125 * 100 = 12.5% If you are addressing a problem by hand, the formula requires the percentage in decimal form. As in the preceding example, a multiplication by 100 is required to translate to a percentage.

Percentage Change Formula:

Our percent change calculator is designed to compute percentage change by following the fundamental rule outlined below.

Any percentage change is estimated by calculating the entire deviation between two numbers and then comparing that variance to the first value. Arithmetically, it entails using the precise value of the deviation between any two values and then dividing the result by the first value, measuring the amount to which the original value has been modified.

Our calculator computes an increase or decrease of a particular percentage of the entered figures. It mostly consists of converting a percentage to decimal form and then subtracting or adding the comparable decimal to 1. It is referred to as a percentage change.


To compute the percentage increase, we have:

  • 200 improved by 10%
  • 10 / 100 = 0.1 \s200 * (1 + 0.1) = 220
  • To determine the percentage decrease

200 is reduced by 10%.

10 / 100 = 0.1 \s200 * (1 – 0.1) = 180

How to Calculate Percentages?

Simply use the above % calculator for quick and accurate calculations relating to percentage concerns. Finding percentages may also be carried out manually with the use of a percentage formula. However, using a percent computer is another simple approach to compute the percentage.


What will 10% of 60 be?

Using the formula: P multiplied by V1 Equals V2

10% will be multiplied by 60, yielding 6 (10/100 * 60).

How to Find The Percent of a Number?

If you want to know what percentage C is of D, just divide C by D in the first step. Take the resulting number and shift the decimal two spaces to the right. That is your percentage. Percentage calculators are widely available online in this day and age to compute percentages and percentage changes.

How to Find Percentage of Something?

The simplest basic approach for calculating a percentage of something is as follows: P multiplied by 100 = X divided by Y.


  • What is the proportion of 5 out of 25?
  • Because we just divide 5 by 25 and then multiply by 100, the result is 20%.

How Do You Determine Percentage Change?

To compute % change, use the following formula:

Change in Percentage=V divided by V1100=(V2V1) divided by V1 multiplied by 100


How can I calculate the percentage change from 3.50 to 2.625 presented as an increase or decrease?

  • In this example, the first value is 3.50, and the second value is 2.625.
  • Use the following formula: = (2.6253.50) divided by 3.50 multiplied by 100=0.25100=25%change

This calculation may also be done with the help of the aforementioned percentage change calculator.

Percent or Percentage Problems:

Let's look at the many equations that correspond to the percent or percentages. There are some solved example issues that you might find useful! Furthermore, the sample problem forms correspond to the input fields of the aforesaid percentage calculator. The proofs and examples are as follows:

What is P percent of X?

It is expressed mathematically as Y = P% * X.

The "what" is stated to be Y, which you wish to solve.

To begin, convert the percentage to a decimal by dividing by 100.

Solution: use the percentage formula to solve for Y.

Y = P% * X

Example Problem: What is 20% of 50?


Y = P% * X Y = 20% * 50 Equation

Percentage to decimal conversion: Y = (20/100) * 50 Y = 0.2 * 50 Y = 10

Y is what percent of X?

Y = P%? X is written as an equation.

The "what" is stated to the P% that you wish to solve.

Simply divide both sides by X to get P% on one side of the equation Y X = (P%? X) X, and you get Y X = P%. It may alternatively be represented as P% = Y X

Simply solve for P% using the percentage equation P% = Y X.

Y is P percent of what?

It may be expressed mathematically as Y = P% * X.

The "what" is defined as the X that you wish to solve.

Simply divide both sides of the equation by P% to get X on one side Y P% = (P% X) P%, and you get Y P% = X, which is also written as X = Y P%.

Solution: To solve for X X = Y P%, use the percentage formula.

What percent of X is Y?

It may be stated mathematically as P% * X = Y.

The "what" is P%, which you must solve for.

Simply divide both sides of the equation by X to get P% on only one side (P% * X) X = Y X, and you get P% = Y X.

Solution: Use the% formula to solve for P%.

P% = Y ÷ X

P percent of what is Y?

P% X = Y is expressed as an equation:

The "what" is represented by X, which you must solve.

Now, divide both sides of the equation by P% to get X on one side (P% X) P% = Y P%, and you get: X = Y ÷ P%

For the answer X = Y P%, use the% formula.

About Percentage Calculator:

Calculator-online online's % calculator assists you in calculating percentage and unexplained percent values in equations. To calculate percentages of the supplied equation, the tool use a basic percentage formula. This percent calculator also allows you to add or subtract a percentage from a value as well as solve equations.

How to Figure Out Percentages With This Percentage Calculator:

The calculator is completely free and allows you to calculate percentages or what percentage of (any quantity) in a matter of seconds. With the help of this calculator, you may simply and reliably compute % age or more. Simply follow these procedures to get the specific readings that correspond to the percentages.


First, select the equation for which you wish to compute the percentage.
The values must then be entered into the specified fields corresponding to the selected equation.

After that, simply press the calculate button to get the real % amount.


According to the percentage calculator:
Percentage value calculated using the chosen percentage equation
Show the equation's step-by-step computation.

Many uses for a percentage calculator

As the various examples above show a percentage calculator may be useful in a wide range of practical situations. Such a tool can compute changes in electoral sentiment in democratic systems, industrial production, stocks of material goods in warehouses, albums sold by an artist/musician, journals in a scientific journal, personnel changes in an organisation, as well as natural things such as the amount of flora or fauna in a given island, and so on. Another use for percentage computations is to compare achievements such as Olympic records and other tournaments and championships.

A specialised calculator may be used to compare physical quantities like speed, density, brightness, reflectivity, strength, tensile strength, and so on. A calculator, on the other hand, is most commonly used for financial assets and benchmarks, as well as for everyday things like discounts, commissions, and tipping at a restaurant.

FAQ’s (Percentage):

What percentage of one number is another?

If you want to know what percentage of Y X is, simply divide X by Y.
Then, take that number and change the numeric value two spaces to the right.
That is your percentage (%).

How do I find out what percentage one number is of another in Excel?

All you have to do is insert the formula =C2/B2 in cell D2 and duplicate it down to as many rows as you need. Then, on the Home tab > Number group, select the Percent Style button to show the generated decimal fractions as percentages.

How do you calculate percentages in your head fast?

It is rather straightforward; here are some ways for calculating percentages:

  • Simply take 10% and split it by two to get 5%.
  • To find 15%, start with 10% and then multiply by 5%.
  • To find 20%, simply take 10% and double it by two.
  • To find 25%, find 50% and then half it.
  • Simply find 50% and add 10% to get 60%.
  • To find 75%, take 50% and add 25%... and so o

You may also use an online percent growth calculator to calculate percent.

Wrapping it up:

This percentage calculator calculates the percentage difference between any two positive values that are larger than zero. It is useful when you need to know the precise percentage variation between two figures. This % calculator teaches you all you need to know about percentage variation. The order of the provided numbers is irrelevant to this tool because it just computes percentages of numbers. As a result, it is one of the greatest options for educational reasons.